Höllmüller is a visionary. This Swiss family jewelry house found its niche in combining classic design with innovative thinking. Höllmüller believes in only using the highest quality materials, expert craftsmanship and modern equipment and techniques. We are dedicated to fulfilling our valued client’s wishes without compromise and at a standard that all serious jewelry deserves. 

Our handcrafted designs express individuality with innovation and precision. Our jewelry pieces are often architectural in their construction. In other words, the construction of a piece consists almost always of many smaller pieces. Giving the advantage in a finished piece of greater durability and better finishing details.  We rarely cast pieces as a whole because cast metal is more porous and also softer. With the introduction of a laser in the atelier we can now assemble more easily the most complex designs and even small pieces that have already had stones set in them. It is due to these modern advances as well as our strengths in craftsmanship that our jewelry stands out from the mass produced goods. The polish and details on a Höllmüller piece are distinctive and worthy of the description “heirloom”.