Our studio can be found in the heart of Switzerland in the idyllic city of Lucerne. Our wonderful location is directly on the lake and surrounded by the Swiss Alps. This breathtaking nature is a never ending source of inspiration and obligation.

We are making an effort in our production to take care of our limited resources. We at Höllmüller recognize that the materials we use and how they are worked with play an important role in the future and in todays fragile environment. In this same vein, we have committed ourselves to supporting young goldsmiths and stonesetters in order to sustain the craft of jewelry making.

In addition to our strong, social and ecological standards it is naturally as important that our jewelry remains timeless and of lasting value for our clients. Our highest priority is quality therefore we make almost everything by hand in our studio. Just hold a piece of Höllmüller jewelry in your hand and you will remark the difference. This is our promise.

Marc Höllmüller