The setting of a gemstone is a simple task that demands high concentration and skill. Even today there is no machine that can replace a talented stone setter. Yet, as with every skill there are different levels. These differences in stone setting are often difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. As the saying goes “all that glitters is not gold”. The Höllmüller trademark is our stone setting. We pride ourselves on perfection. There is very often a noticeable distinction between pieces with the naked eye but more so under the microscope. We set every stone under the microscope. This gives a better finish quality to the prongs or bezels and makes it possible that each stone is set securely in the metal. One example is in our pave work, each stone has four prongs instead of the more common practice of setting where stones share a few prongs here and there. Setting is definitely our strong suit as it is that Engelbert Höllmüller has over forty years experience in setting. He has become a bit famous in the industry here in Switzerland, almost a legend. Both his offspring, Marc and Petra learned the trade from their father and it is for this reason that all of our stone setters have undergone rigorous training before they actually produce a Höllmüller piece. After all, it is the family tradition to uphold uncompromising standards.